Astypalea as an ideal destination for alternative tourism offers a vast variety of choises and the chance to its visitors to take advantage of this variety that arouses from the exquisite geographic position and proper climate. Now Astypalea has its own very appreciable climbing field, its own network of walking paths and two caverns maped and photographed. And all these next to the rich historical monuments. For those who will now visit Astypalea, particularly spring and autumn, it is sure that they will enjoy them.


Trekking in Astypalea is the ideal way, to explore the heart of this fascinating island, by walking either on engraved paths or ascending the highest peaks. Hiking in Astypalea gives you the chance to walk and to discover ancient paths walking through mythology and history. Each season gives magnificent colours and interests. We guide you off the beaten paths to meet the “authentic” Astypaleans and our traditions.

Outdoor Activities

If you are an outdoor adventurer, you like to be revitalized through Active holidays and various Outdoor Activities. The climbing field “Ftera” is separated in two parts (because of the bas-relief of the area) and has been engraved 20 routes, equipped with stainless plugs M10 and with reles at their end. The rock is asbestolithic and generaly is good enough. The field is easily accessible from Chora (20 min. by car).Then you will be excited to join our Astypalean Adventures in the nature and the history of Astypalea … the island of contrasts.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in Astypalea means an extraordinary combination of holidays with this unique fun activity, which builds group spirit and self-confidence on mountain crags, beach cliffs and beautiful traverses right above the waters of the Aegean Sea!


Caves have always been a part of Greek Mythology and History, from the birth of Zeus, the Father of Gods, to the most recent European History.

Mountain Biking

With the gentle whir of our pedalling, we enjoy the spectacular views and smells of Astypalea’s countryside.

Water Sports

On the beach of Livadi you could rent private boats or water bikes.