Destination beach of Agios Ioannis

Beggining from the country by motorcycle, car or on foot (for hikers) heading northwest of the island we have the first stop at the Monastery of St. John, which is 8 km far from Chora. During the journey to the monastery, you will have the opportunity to photograph old stone houses, monuments and farms where different animals are reared. There you will get lucky to taste local virgin dairy products and the warm hospitality of the farmers. Continuing the route, you will often have the pleasure to enjoy the panoramic view that the high altitude gives you. Furthermore, you will be surprised from the top of the mountain where you can see Astypalaia surrounded by the sea.

Arriving at the monastery, you should necessarily leave your car or motorcycle. At this point begins the descent to the beach. The route from the monastery to the beach will last 2 hours. Halfway there is a small waterfall (the famous waterfall of St. John), whose waters fall into a natural pool which is formed by the rocks of the mountain. Taking a refreshing dip you will get strength for the final part, the beach. Enjoy swimming…

Day trip to the islands Koutsomiti and Kounoupes

In order to reach these 2 islands you should rent a private boat or go with the excursion boat. Approach by private boat: You need to go to Livadi beach in order to rent a private boat. By following the instructions ( gps included ) you will reach the islands in 20 minutes.

Approach by excursion boat: here all you have to do is to be at the port of Pera Gialos or Maltezana at the time you have been taught by the Captain.

Koutsomitis: It is a complex of two islands with green waters like those of a pool. A magical picture. You can go from one island to the other by swimming.

Kounoupes : it is quite a large island with a special feature that offers you a unique spectacle. The island consists of 2 parts which remain joined together thanks to a thin strip of pebbles and sand. This is a virgin beach that reflects people’s respect to nature.

From the east side is formed a large and deep bay with crystal clear water, and from the west side communicates with the open sea. Enjoy…

Walk the streets of the traditional community

Maybe it’s the most beautiful and the shortest route you can do in the traditional village streets. A walk is enough to discover the interesting architecture of Astypalaia and enjoy the spectacular view of the sea.

Spilia tou Negrou (Cave)

This is a cave which is located in Vatses, in the western part of the island of Astypalaia and connected, according to tradition, with various myths about pirates and treasures. So, according to the prevailing myth, the cave owes its name to a pirate from Samos who acted in the Aegean Sea and once fled there likely to hide a treasure.

This story is recorded in a book titled “George Negro – The tiger of the Aegean Sea” which lists the sources and the documents were used to support the existence of such a person. The cave has stalactites and stalagmites, and was used as a church of Christians who fled there to pray and hide during their persecutions. There are several ways to reach the cave, either by boat beggining from the town or getting to the beach of Vatses by car and then walk for about 45 minutes. You should be very careful the time you enter the cave!